Rise Accelerator


The India Australia Rapid Innovation and Start-up Expansion (RISE) Accelerator, is a purpose-built program to support and accelerate Indian and Australian start-ups.

RISE Accelerator targets to enable start-ups with mature tech-based innovations to fast-track their cross-border social, economic and environmental impact through cross-border innovation ecosystem

RISE Accelerator is operationalized through a powerful partnership between:

  • Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, the Government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country
  • CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency

About the Program


To provide mission-critical support to start-ups solving Australia & India’s most important shared national challenges, creating sustainable impact through technology-led innovation, cross-border collaboration and ecosystem integration

Focus Themes

With a focus on Environment and Climate Technology, the program will be tailored to accelerate start-ups working on a range of areas:

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Climate Smart Agriculture
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Clean Energy
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Circular Economy and Waste Management
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Climate Smart Mobility

Cohort Size

10 – 15 start-ups from India and Australia

Cohort Duration

9 months

Why should a start-up participate?

RISE Accelerator is a program designed to support and accelerate start-ups through joint support from the Indian and Australian innovation ecosystem stakeholders

Value Proposition of RISE:

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Government Funding and Access to VCs
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Structured Pathways and Guidance in early steps towards cross-border expansion
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Access to Mentor and SMEs of India and Australia

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Opportunity to Pilot, Adapt and Validate Technology for a New Market
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Fast-tracked Connections to Partners and Potential Customers in a New Market
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Credibility to Succeed

Who can participate?

AIM and CSIRO invite start-ups in India and Australia with

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Innovative Technology in the Thematic Areas with High Potential Impact
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Commercialized in the Home Country Market
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Focus to Expand in India or Australia

Call For Application

Launching Soon...

To showcase your interest, please fill this - https://www.csiro.au/rise-accelerator

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